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    Hi! My name is Stephen DeCasien.

    PhD Student – Nautical Archaeology – Texas A&M University


    I am a PhD student at Texas A&M University studying Nautical Archaeology. My academic interests are Greco-Roman maritime history and archaeology with a special focus on naval warfare, naval rams, and warships. I specialize in the study of sex and gender in antiquity, especially in relation to navies and naval monuments.


    I was raised in New Jersey around the Atlantic City area. I lived in Florida for a few years to work on my master's degree. I currently reside in Bryan, Texas with my amazing girlfriend, Alix, and our two cats, Ares and Athena. I am an avid reader and Philadelphia Eagles fan! I enjoy watching sci-fi and gangster films/TV, playing historically-based video games, biking, weightlifting, yoga, and playing sports.


    If you want to find out more about myself or my research, feel free to send me a message or follow me on my social media pages!

  • Education

    Texas A&M University

    Ph.D. Student in Nautical Archaeology

    2019 - present

    University of South Florida

    M.A. in Ancient History

    2017 - 2019

    American School of Classical Studies at Athens

    Summer Session Member


    Stockton University

    B.A. in Historical Studies and Ancient Greek

    2013 - 2016

  • Research

    Penetrating the Seas: Sex, Power, and Naval Warfare in Antiquity

    Dissertation: In progress

    Ancient Roman Naval Rams as Objects of Phallic Power

    By Stephen DeCasien (2021) Forthcoming in the Journal of Ancient History!



    Cutwaters: An Analysis of the Purpose and Origins of a Shipbuilding Technology from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD

    Article: Under review (By Ben Ioset and Stephen DeCasien)

  • Projects

    Current and Past

    Texas A&M University

    Department of Anthropology


    Ramming Description and Translation Project

    Project Advisors: Dr. William M. Murray and Stephen DeCasien

    University of South Florida

    Department of History


    3D Actium Ram Socket Project in Geomagic Wrap

    Project Advisor: Dr. William M. Murray


    Egadi Rams: Damage Report and Mapping Project

    Project Advisor: Dr. William M. Murray


    3D Actium Ram Project and Database Construction with USF Library

    Project Advisor: Dr. William M. Murray

    Stockton University

    Department of History


    Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church: Archive Creation and Organization

    Project Advisor: Dr. Anastasios Papademetriou


    Library Exhibition on Iakovos Kambanellis

    Project Advisor: Dr. David Roessel


    Theater Workshop and Play Translation in Rhodes, Greece

    Project Advisor: Dr. David Roessel

  • Professional Service

    RPM Nautical Foundation (RPMNF)


    December 2019 - Present

    I currently run communications for RPM Nautical Foundation, a nonprofit organization that conducts maritime archaeological research in the Mediterranean intended to educate the public.

    Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA)

    Graduate Research Assistant

    January 2020 - Present

    I am currently a graduate research assistant for the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to performing maritime archaeological research.

  • Reviews and Other Publications

    Reviewed by DeCasien (2020)

    Journal of Military History (Forthcoming Fall 2020!)

    Reviewed by DeCasien (2020)

    Res Militares

  • Media Appearances

    Listen and learn!

    The History of Ancient Greek Podcast

    Special Guest Speaker on Naval Warfare and Rams

    Forthcoming Fall 2020!

    The Hellenistic Age Podcast

    Special Guest Speaker on Hellenistic Naval Warfare

    "With the constant fighting between the successors of Alexander maintaining and keeping coastal cities were key to “owning” the Mediterranean."

    The Ancients Podcast

    Special Guest Speaker on Demetrius’ Siege of Rhodes

    Forthcoming Fall 2020!

    Ancient Warfare Magazine: The Podcast

    Special Guest Speaker on Rams and Ramming

    "The ram is not just the weapon, it is the entire ship."

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